Welcome to the toughest job interview in healthcare

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Are you a doctor, healthcare wonk or patient advocate who’s tired of seeing the United States rank at or near the bottom in almost every measure of clinical quality? Sick of watching the USA spend more on healthcare than any other nation? Do you gnash your teeth at the lack of patient satisfaction and the rising rates of physician burnout within the current system? Most important, do you have a plan to do something about it?

Then do we have a job for you.

Each month, Fixing Healthcare puts our nation’s foremost healthcare practitioners, leaders and thinkers in the hot seat, each person vying for the coveted (and totally fictitious) role of “Leader of American Healthcare.”

Earning the title won’t be easy. The show’s hosts and “hiring team,” Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr are not interested in small, incremental fixes. Instead, the chosen applicant must believe in—and have a plan for—total disruption of the healthcare system as we know it. Specifically, guests must provide a road map for achieving the following improvements:

  1. Increase life expectancy in the U.S. from last among the 11 wealthiest nations to at least the middle of the pack.
  2. Increase the quality of patient outcomes by 20% (as publicly reported by organizations like the NCQA).
  3. Decrease the cost of healthcare by 20% (according to federally reported data)
  4. Improve patient service and convenience by 20% (according to patient satisfaction reports)
  5. Improve professional satisfaction for clinicians by 20% (according to physician surveys)

Candidates will have 10 minutes to outline the system of care they believe is most capable of accomplishing these outcomes while detailing the steps they would take to achieve it. From there, Jeremy and Robert will scrutinize the plan, posing questions that challenge guests and help listeners to separate practical solutions from hype. Unlike other shows, Fixing Healthcare demands real solutions, not just lofty ideas or minor tweaks.

Launching August 2018, the Fixing Healthcare podcast welcomes Zubin Damania (aka ZDoggMD) as its first job applicant.

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