Season 2 of ‘Fixing Healthcare’ will bring in outsiders, implementers

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The American medical system is in big trouble. So much trouble, that Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr dedicated an entire podcast season (and much of their free time) to coming up with solutions.   

Their combined quest began in August 2018 and took on the name “Fixing Healthcare.” This hour-long program called upon six of the nation’s leading minds in healthcare to offer their best ideas and recommendations. Their bold plans drew thousands of listeners and sparked a national debate about how best to fix the broken healthcare system.

In January 2019, the “Survey To Fix American Healthcare” asked listeners to weigh in on the best solutions from Season One. Already, more than a thousand votes have been cast, and listeners continue to submit their own innovative ideas.

As Robert and Jeremy prepare to kick off Season Two on February 12, 2019, fans of the show can expect a few important changes.


1. Your Ideas: On Air & Online.

If the survey comments* so far are any indication, it’s clear that Fixing Healthcare listeners aren’t afraid to shake things up. This coming season, Robert and Jeremy will share the best, brightest and most provocative ideas from listeners, both on the air and online.

*The Fixing Healthcare Survey will remain open throughout Season Two, so please keep your suggestions coming.

2. A Totally New Format.  

Season One featured a series of provocative interviews as six candidates vied for the highly coveted and (totally fictitious) role of “Leader of American Healthcare.” They did an excellent job laying the groundwork for a better medical system.

The next set of challenges, earmarked for Season Two, will be to shed light on new ideas from outside the medical mainstream while figuring out how to make change happen. This season will combine unconventional leaders and thinkers with new ideas and approaches for solving healthcare’s most complex problems.

3. Unique Perspectives.

In the first episode of Season Two, Robert and Jeremy will welcome Dr. Devi Shetty, one of the world’s leading heart surgeons. Born in India and trained in the United States, Devi is the kind of outside-the-box leader who might just give American healthcare the wakeup call it needs.

Also joining the show this season, bestselling author and business guru Chip Health. Look for him to bring a strategic and psychological mindset to the task of fixing healthcare. Years ago, Chip called doctors “the most godlike figures in our society today,” and said one key to improving healthcare will be helping physicians open their minds to change.

For those who believed there were no viable solutions for American healthcare’s thorniest problems, Season One of “Fixing Healthcare” proved them wrong. But the hard work has only just begun.

Life expectancy is declining, medical costs have become unaffordable for half of all American families and, worse yet, every single industrialized nation in the world boasts better clinical outcomes than the United States. Things may have to get worse before they get better. A recent poll from the nation’s largest PR firm shows public trust in healthcare “crashed” in 2018, falling 25 points from the previous year. Meanwhile the old adage of “physician heal thyself” is proving harder than ever as healthcare professionals suffer the among highest rates of suicide and burnout compared to other industries.

The challenges are great, but the opportunities are even bigger. Join “Fixing Healthcare” on February 12 for a fresh take on fixing America’s broken system.

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