We asked how to fix healthcare. You answered: With nurses.

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At the end of Episode 8, Fixing Healthcare co-hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr turned to listeners for ideas and suggestions.

This regular feature of Season Two comes by way of the Fixing Healthcare Survey. Please continue to give us your input. Robert and Jeremy might share your ideas on a future episode.

This month, Kate York, Fallon Brown and Kelli Cardaras told us they would go about fixing healthcare with the help of nurses…

Transcript from Fixing Healthcare (Episode 8)

ROBBIE: Thank you again, Chip. And now before we go, let’s take a few minutes to hear from our listeners. Back in December, we asked for your ideas on how to fix American healthcare. We’ve received nearly 200 responses and counting. You can still add your recommendations on my website at www.RobertPearlMD.com.

JEREMY: Today, we’ll hear from listeners who wrote in about the role nurses play in providing care and improving the health of patients.

Kate York wrote us about how nurses can keep patients from falling through the cracks of our medical system. She believes that every patient should have a nurse liaison to help with managing medications, appointments, etcetera.

Fallon Brown believes that a lower nurse-to-patient ratio will decrease medical errors and increase bedside teaching. Fallon recommends that NPs be allowed to practice at their full capacity.

Our final comment comes from listener Kelli Cardaras, who thinks that having nurses available in workplaces, schools and community social settings will not only increase access to care, but also ensure that patients are taken care of in more culturally sensitive ways. Robbie, can you provide the listeners with some of your thoughts?

ROBBIE: Nurses are highly valued by patients and doctors alike and vital to our healthcare system. A couple of years ago, I broke my leg in an accident that required major surgery. I spent the next three days in the hospital and I can attest, personally, to the dedication, commitment and expertise of every nurse who treated me. I agree with our listeners that nurses can play the role of liaison and help patients navigate the confusing healthcare system. They can also educate people on opportunities to improve their health and lifestyle. And, certainly, nurses are capable of taking medical care out of hospitals and into our communities.

Thank you to all of the nurses who listen to this show and care for millions of patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

JEREMY: And thanks to Kate York, Fallon Brown, Kelli Cardaras and everyone who participated in the “Survey To Fix American Healthcare.” You can read all three listeners comments on the Fixing Healthcare website. We also invite you to visit leave your own thoughts and recommendations at www.RobertPearlMD.com. Next month, we’ll share more ideas and suggestion from our listeners.

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