Episode 8: Chip Heath on what US healthcare can learn from one-click ordering

As a Stanford business professor and author of four bestselling books, Chip Heath knows a thing or two about what motivates human behavior and organizational change. This month, he’ll put that wisdom to the test and take on the toughest of all tasks: Fixing Healthcare.

In Season Two of the podcast, the focus shifts away from searching for the “Leader of American Healthcare” to yet another challenging question. Co-hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr are looking for strategists and implementers from outside the medical mainstream to help translate big ideas and disruptive-change theories into real-life healthcare solutions.

As a change-management expert, Chip has been sought out by organizations like Google, Gap, The Nature Conservancy and American Heart Association. But can his knowledge and experience in business translate into practical solutions for twenty-first century healthcare?

The answer is undeniably yes.

Click the play button above to learn: 

  • What American hospitals can learn from Amazon’s one-click ordering.
  • How a simple meeting shaved $500,000 off the cost of caring for a single patient.
  • The allegory of the elephant, the rider and how they, together, can take us on a path to fixing American medicine.
  • Whether a “one-song workout” can help get Americans off the couch and exercising.
  • How Jerry Sternin improved the health of 2 million Vietnamese children on a tight deadline.
  • Why a middle-manager filled a conference room with 424 different pairs of work gloves (and what U.S. surgeons can learn from this surprisingly effective stunt).
  • Why giving inpatients lavender-scented hand cloths and ear plugs at night speaks to “The Power Of Moments.”

READ: Full transcript of our discussion with Chip Heath

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