Bonus episode: The best of ‘Fixing Healthcare’ so far

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In this “bonus episode,” co-hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr offer their take on the best ideas and most promising solutions from seasons one and two of the Fixing Healthcare podcast.

During season one, which kicked off a year ago this month, Robert and Jeremy put our nation’s foremost healthcare practitioners, leaders and thinkers on the hot seat—each guest vying for the highly coveted (and totally fictitious) role of “Leader of American Healthcare.” To earn the title, guests needed to provide a detailed road map for achieving major (nationwide) improvements across five key measures.

At the end of season one, listeners were asked to vote on the best of the best ideas in the first-ever “Survey To Fix American Healthcare” while also sharing their own solutions, which were featured on air throughout season two.

During season two, Robert and Jeremy sought to address the next big set of challenges: how to implement meaningful change and bring bold ideas to life. For answers, they invited unconventional leaders from outside the medical mainstream to join the show.

As part of this bonus episode, the listening audience is asked to vote on the most valuable ideas from the second season, and provide their own thoughts on how to improve American healthcare in the future. Voting is now live …

Take the NEW “Survey To Fix American Healthcare”

To get detailed insights on the top solutions from season two before voting, listen to the full bonus episode or check out the show’s transcript for more details. And just like in the inaugural survey, Robert and Jeremy will ask listeners to write-in their own suggestions for solving healthcare’s biggest issues. The best solutions will be featured on future episodes of Fixing Healthcare.

Rounding out this bonus episode, Robert and Jeremy give listeners a preview of season three of Fixing Healthcare, which kicks off September 10. The coming season will focus on the role of politics and policy in American medicine, which lines up perfectly with what should be a loud and raucous year of presidential debate.

Read: The full transcript from this bonus episode

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