About ‘Coronavirus: The Truth’

Coronavirus: The Truth is a new podcast that focuses on the facts surrounding COVID-19. Episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and other podcast platforms. To submit a question or comment to the hosts, visit the contact page or send a message on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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At a time when the disease is impacting financial markets, dominating news coverage and disrupting daily life, this show cuts through the fear-mongering and misinformation to bring listeners the truth—with informed commentary, helpful context and reporting from only the most credible sources.

Launched in March 2020, the show is a production of Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr, co-hosts of the Fixing Healthcare podcast. Episodes offer science-based updates on the coronavirus, insights from public health officials and clinicians, along with an unbiased look at how the day’s news and other sources of COVID-19 information are impacting American life.

*To ensure the credibility of this program, Coronavirus: The Truth refuses to accept sponsorships, outside funding sources or guests with any financial or personal conflicts of interest. Below, you’ll find links to helpful, fact-based websites.

Trusted COVID-19 sites

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Local and state departments of health