#1: Why are we afraid of the coronavirus?

From the hosts of the Fixing Healthcare podcast comes a new and necessary show that focuses on the facts surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19).

This podcast offers science-based updates on the coronavirus, insights from public health officials and clinicians, along with an unbiased look at how the day’s news and opinion are impacting American life.

Here are the questions Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr tackled in episode 1 of Coronavirus: The Truth

[02:01] What qualifies these hosts to educate listeners about the coronavirus?

[04:18] What is coronavirus? How does it spread? Who’s at greatest risk?

[07:34] Are all these event cancellations and restaurant closures appropriate or overkill? Will these actions make a difference?

[11:58] How dangerous is COVID-19 compared to seasonal influenza (the flu)?

[13:47] How does this pandemic compare to other outbreaks like Spanish Flu, MERS, SARS and Ebola?

[16:27] What do we know about immunity, recovery and seasonality with respect to coronavirus in the United States?

[19:08] Should we be scared when scientists say, “We don’t know…”?

[20:15] Viral spread, economic strain, public panic and an overwhelmed healthcare system: Which are legit threats at this time?

[25:07] What should people with COVID-19 symptoms do? What immediate steps should they take?

[28:26] What are the psychological factors at play? Why are we so afraid? Why are people engaged in hoarding behaviors?

[34:16] When can we expect a return to normalcy in American life?

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