#2: When will the coronavirus pandemic end?

In the second episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr examine several difficult but important questions surrounding the future of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

For listeners who are new to the show, this podcast offers science-based updates on the COVID-19, insights from public health officials and clinicians, along with an unbiased look at how the day’s news and opinion are impacting American life.

Here are the questions covered in episode 2 of Coronavirus: The Truth

[01:03] What are the most recent updates on the virus? What are the most significant changes over the past week?

[04:38] What’s important to understand about the latest mortality figures? Why are U.S. deaths still doubling every two to three days?

[06:20] Can we prevent more coronavirus deaths in the near future?

[10:20] What advice would Dr. Pearl offer people who may be panicking?

[13:40] How realistic is it that Americans will return to work, school and life as normal within a month?

[16:20] What are the three pieces of information needed to understand the pandemic’s future?

[21:02] What does exponential growth of a viral disease look like?

[22:23] Why are politicians more optimistic about the COVID-19 timeline than public health officials?

[24:04] What should we make of this recent tweet from President Donald Trump?

[26:57] What about the possibility of medications to treat coronavirus? Why are scientists skeptical?

[29:06] Beyond our current reality, are there any “rays of hope” coming from this crisis?

[32:19] Is the coronavirus a “Black Swan” (unpredictable/unforeseen) event?

[33:11] What’s the mood in middle America over the coronavirus?

[34:32] Listener questions: Is food delivery safe? Is grocery-store shopping safe? Should we be wearing masks?

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