#4: Is this the week the pandemic peaks?

Physician and bestselling author Dr. Robert Pearl fears the nation is in denial about the trajectory of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic: “Many people I speak with and nearly all of the news outlets describe this as a back and forth battle with an implication that we will turn the tide, that we’ll win the war, that we’ll defeat COVID-19. These phrases may make sense in a traditional war with a human enemy, but they are non sequiturs when your enemy is a virus.”

In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr compare the nation’s hopes and expectations against the biological and mathematical realities of the pandemic.

Here are the questions covered in episode 4 of Coronavirus: The Truth

[01:03] Is this the week we peak in the United States?

[01:47] What three solutions could end the COVID-19 pandemic?

[04:19] What will social distancing actually accomplish?

[06:50] Will the United States experience a “second wave”?

[07:49] Are current mortality (death) estimates accurate?

[11:12] Have we already made “the cure worse than the disease”?

[15:24] If this is a war, what’s our long-term strategy? *read Dr. Pearl’s COVID-19 plan*

[21:22] Should we be wearing masks? What kind? Why?

[28:04] What is the C.A.R.E.S. bill? What are its four key parts?

[32:14] What parts of the country will see the coronavirus peak sooner vs. later?

[37:17] How long is too long before we reopen the U.S. economy?

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