#7: Is it time to get back to work?

Dr. Robert Pearl, co-host of this show, struck a chord this week with his most recent Forbes column, “3 Coronavirus Facts Americans Must Know Before Returning To Work,” which quickly shot to No. 1 on the site’s “most popular” list, garnering more than 1 million views.

His article offers a full-throated plea for politicians, business owners and workers to embrace the facts surrounding COVID-19 so that we can understand what will happen when our nation eases social-distancing restrictions.

This episode examines the latest plans to reopen the country and the health implications of getting Americans back to work. In episode 7 of ‘Coronavirus: The Truth,’ Dr. Pearl and Jeremy Corr discuss these pressing questions:

[00:53] What are the most important COVID-19 updates?

[01:52] Why are nursing homes so disproportionately affected by the virus?

[04:04] In what way is U.S. healthcare still vulnerable in the fight against COVID-19?

[05:53] Has anyone pitched a viable strategy available to end the pandemic?

[09:06] Does Congress have plan to revive the economy and keep us safe?

[11:26] VP Pence said the U.S. is prepared for a second wave. Are we?

[12:21] What should Americans know and do before returning to work?

[16:44] Who was the first COVID-19 fatality in the U.S. and what can she teach us?

[18:52] With 43% of small businesses closed, how long can owners stay afloat?

[21:28] Can public surveillance keep Americans safe from another outbreak?

[23:39] What painful economic truths await us in the months ahead?

[26:36] What healthcare improvements can we expect, post-pandemic?

[28:15] Are people immune from future infection once recovered from COVID-19?

[30:42] What has surprised physicians about the coronavirus?

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