#8: Testing, testing: Which COVID-19 test is best?

“I find this study to be one of the most encouraging since this pandemic began,” says Dr. Robert Pearl, referring to research out of Yale that confirms new saliva-based testing for COVID-19 is not only less painful and less intrusive than the widely used nasal swab, but also more consistently accurate in detecting the coronavirus.

What’s more, these oral tests can be self-administered whereas nasal testing requires a clinical professional to insert six-inch swab deep into the nasal passage. At present, both must be completed at an approved, public testing site. However, scientists are determining whether saliva testing could be approved for in-home use.

As politicians and health experts push for more testing in hopes of containing the pandemic, could a more convenient testing alternative prove to be a game-changer in the fight against coronavirus?

In episode 8 of ‘Coronavirus: The Truth, Dr. Pearl and Jeremy Corr discuss this and other recent developments:

[00:50] What are the most important COVID-19 updates of the past week?

[02:22] Are we reopening the country too quickly or not quickly enough?

[03:34] What do the latest corporate-earnings reports say about the impact of COVID-19?

[04:54] Remdesivir: boom or bust as an effective coronavirus medication?

[06:48] A national thinktank predicts the pandemic will last another 12 to 24 months. True?

[08:59] What should people make of the latest unemployment and GDP numbers?

[11:25] Which COVID-19 symptoms just got added the CDC’s list? Are more to come?

[12:53] Will saliva testing be a game-changer in our fight against the pandemic?

[16:20] Why has Germany been so successful in containing the virus?

[18:11] How will we protect seniors and people with chronic diseases going forward?

[19:30] When and how can in-person church services safely resume?

[23:54] Why aren’t businesses willing to bail out hospitals and health insurers?

[26:52] Will healthcare undergo a much-needed technological overhaul after the pandemic?

[29:00] Which parts of the country are reopening the right way?

[30:48] Approximately 3 million people have read this coronavirus article. What’s the appeal?

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