#9: A practical survival guide to COVID-19

Each week, Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr receive dozens of questions from friends, colleagues and listeners. Most questions are about practical, everyday concerns. “Can my son visit his girlfriend?” “Should I (finally) get a professional haircut?” “Do I need to wear a mask every time I step outside?” “Will my favorite restaurants bounce back from this?”

With so much disinformation and opinion causing so much confusion in the United States, this episode is dedicated to the practical realities of the coronavirus and what the facts mean for our daily lives going forward.

In episode 9 of ‘Coronavirus: The Truth, Robert and Jeremy offer listeners a medical and financial survival guide to COVID-19, with answers to these questions and more:

[01:14] Could a healthy 20- or 30-something person safely go to a bar now?

[03:47] Should I be wearing a mask everywhere I go? At the park? The grocery store?

[06:04] When can my kids safely go back to the playground or daycare?

[08:49] What about haircuts? When and how can I get back to the barbershop or salon?

[11:38] Will restaurants rebound and survive the phased reopening strategies in most states?

[15:42] Is it a good sign that so many “emergency field hospitals” are shutting down?

[18:34] Will there be a second wave and how bad will it be?

[21:05] Aren’t we likelier to die from driving our cars to work than from COVID-19?

[26:25] Will more Americans take vaccines more seriously going forward?

[27:32] How should we decide the order of who gets a COVID-19 vaccine?

[29:11] Will it take 10-12 years to return the U.S. economy to its pre-coronavirus state as some financial experts predict? Have we made the cure worse than the disease?

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