#11: Is a COVID-19 vaccine almost ready?

The past week brought promising news from Moderna, a biotech company that announced the results of its early vaccine trials—an announcement that sent the firm’s stock price up 30%.

However, it didn’t take long for the company to receive intense backlash from the scientific community for refusing to release all its testing data. Is Moderna simply trying to maintain an advantage over its competitors or are the company’s results less promising than indicated during its massive media event? And what about drug maker Gilead Sciences, which U.S. doctors and scientists say is withholding data about the antiviral drug remdesivir and its use in treating COVID-19.

In episode 11 of Coronavirus: The Truth, Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr separate reality from hype in the development of coronavirus vaccines and medications. 

[00:58] What are the most recent and relevant facts concerning the coronavirus pandemic?

[03:50] The CDC reported one-third of people infected with coronavirus are asymptomatic (showing no symptoms). What does that mean for our hopes of corralling the virus?

[07:45] What were the results of Moderna’s initial COVID-19 vaccine trials? 

[16:32] Is it possible Americans could have a mass produced vaccine ready as early as October?

[18:56] What are the two biggest threats facing businesses right now?  

[20:28] How are doctors and hospitals faring during the COVID-19 pandemic?

[22:51] A company in Iowa is manufacturing face shields as an alternative to masks. Good idea? Bad idea?

[24:43] Will patients continue to seek virtual medical care once the pandemic ends?  

[25:55] Why are some store owners opting to remaining closed when states are urging them to reopen?

[27:27] Is it true that the coronavirus mortality rate varies by race and socioeconomics?

If you enjoyed last week’s “practical survival guide to COVID-19” tune in next week for part two, when Robert and Jeremy will answer the rest of the listener questions they received. If you have coronavirus questions you’d like the hosts to discuss next week, visit the contact page or send us a message on Twitter or LinkedIn.  

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