#15: Is it too soon for sports?

“One step forward, two steps back,” is how Dr. Robert Pearl describes the recent rise in coronavirus cases throughout the country. He notes that further attempts to hurry the nation’s reopening along will produce similar setbacks.

Take pro sports, for example. Major League Baseball is moving closer to locking in a 60-game schedule to start in July, despite dozens of players already testing positive. “I fear that pro sports will follow the pattern that we have seen in so many areas of society. One step forward, then two back.”

In episode 15 of Coronavirus: The Truth, Robert and Jeremy look at the latest news surrounding COVID-19, providing answers and analysis for the following questions:

[00:50] What should listeners know about the past week in COVID-19 news, including plans to move forward with pro sports?

[08:00] As deaths passed 110,000, nearly half were patients from nursing homes. Can we protect this vulnerable population?

[09:05] How are elected official prioritizing the two biggest coronavirus threats their constituents face: the health risks and the economic threats?

[10:57] Dr. Robert Pearl will address the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, June 30. What message do CEOs need to hear?

[16:45] How are businesses are planning for the post-coronavirus era?

[18:33] What’s the latest news on COVID-19 testing and contract tracing?

[20:44] What should Americans learn from the Broadstreet cholera epidemic in 1854 and other historical events that threatened human existence?

[24:49] If we are at a tipping point with coronavirus, what might happen next?

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