Episode 23: How the U.S. coronavirus response went wrong and how to make it right

Exactly what went wrong? Exactly when? Exactly how did we fail and exactly what could have been done to prevent it? Exactly which errors did U.S. healthcare officials make between the first known cases in China and the first recorded coronavirus death on U.S. soil? And, exactly what can we do to minimize the damage going forward? 

This month’s episode of Fixing Healthcare offers the most thorough review of COVID-19 errors and events ever to be packed in a 45-minute podcast. Jeremy Corr, who also co-hosts Coronavirus: The Truth, joins Dr. Robert Pearl, a medical expert and former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group, to discuss the following topics in vivid, fact-based detail: 

  • The five key mistakes that kept the U.S. from containing the virus in January and February 2020
  • Why the U.S. got bested by smaller, less-wealthy countries in testing and control measures.   
  • The most overlooked measure of success (or failure) when it comes to containing the virus. 
  • Why the U.S. response to the virus is best described as “one-size-fits-none.” 
  • The possibility of resuming sports, school or large events safely in the near future. 
  • Which minimally invasive steps will have the greatest impact on American health and safety. 
  • How the U.S. response has produced a major mental health crisis. 
  • The actual vaccine timeline and the likelihood of an effective medical treatment. 
  • How American businesses should approach the risky process of reopening.
  • How the economic consequences of the virus will reshape American healthcare. 

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