#16: What are Americans still getting wrong about COVID-19?

Four months after President Trump announced a “state of emergency,” Americans are still as confused as ever about the true state of the pandemic. Our confusion starts with the news: Every morning, TV anchors around the country list off the latest numbers of newly confirmed cases.

Podcast co-host Dr. Robert Pearl says, “We pretend the number of positive tests per day has significance. Don’t get me wrong, most likely, the number of cases is going up. But 60,000 per day isn’t anywhere close to the actual number of infections.” That’s just one of three big points of confusion for the general public, all of which have major consequence on American health.

In episode 16 of Coronavirus: The Truth, Robert and Jeremy look at the latest news surrounding COVID-19, providing answers and analysis for the following questions:

[00:51] What should listeners know about the week that was in COVID-19 news?

[05:03] Any news on sports returning this summer and fall?

[07:15] What was with the bruhaha between physicians and the World Health Organization over coronavirus being transmitted in small, aerosolized particles?

[10:08] What are Americans still getting wrong about COVID-19 today?

[14:51] Dr. Pearl was quoted recently saying, “If I had to pick a word for where we are today, it would be floundering.” What did he mean?   

[20:16] All politics aside, what do we know about the Trump-touted drug hydroxychloroquine? What about other treatments?

[22:45] With positive cases skyrocketing, why are death rates declining?

[26:03] Thousands of small businesses have closed while several big retailers have filed for bankruptcy, yet the stock market is soaring. What’s going on?

[31:42] What kinds of healthcare changes will come from changes in the economy?

[33:08] How would co-host Jeremy Corr alter his day to day decisions if he knew (for certain) that a vaccine wasn’t coming for at least another two years?

[37:27] At what point would it be safe to receive a Covid-19 vaccine?

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