#17: Will Covid-19 sway the November elections?

“Voters look to elected officials to lead in times of war,” says co-host Dr. Robert Pearl in this episode of Coronvirus: The Truth. “In the minds of most Americans, this is war. As such, voters will gaze beyond the traditional questions of (insurance) coverage and clinical care” toward questions of leadership amid a national health crisis.

In 2020, Pearl sees three pandemic-related factors influencing the elections:

  1. Overall leadership in addressing the coronavirus threat.
  2. How voters feel about the economic relief programs.
  3. How well society was informed and held together throughout the pandemic.

As a result of these factors, Pearl expects voters are likely to ask the following questions this November: “When the next pandemic strikes, who do I want to be responsible for the health of the people in my state? Who do I want sitting the halls of Congress? And who do I trust to occupy the Oval Office?”

In episode 17 of Coronavirus: The Truth, co-hosts Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr look at the latest news surrounding COVID-19, providing answers and analysis for the following questions:

[00:50] What should listeners know about the week that was in Covid-19 news?

[05:28] With multiple reports and anecdotes of Covid-19 patients getting re-infected, do scientists have any idea how long immunity lasts?  

[08:23] Listener question: Is the coronavirus affecting the U.S. birthing rate?

[09:41] Will the upcoming flu season exacerbate the coronavirus pandemic?

[11:17] What will Congress’ next coronavirus relief package include?

[14:00] On last week’s episode, co-hosts Robert Peral and Jeremy Corr talked about the winners and losers coming out of the current pandemic. Listeners wanted more details: Who’s up and who’s down?

[15:53] How is the planning coming for the reopening of schools this September?

[19:11] Co-host Jeremy Corr knows people who’ve been infected. How are they doing and how is Corr feeling during this time of uncertainty?

[21:53] With schools reopening this fall, what do Jeremy and Robert advise for parents worried about kids?

[23:15] What is Robert hearing from hospitals in places that are reportedly at risk of being overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases? Are they actually overwhelmed?

[28:03] How might the coronavirus impact elections this November?

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