#19: What’s the most promising scientific development so far?

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have time and again seen highly touted solutions fall short of their hype.

Remdisivir, once thought to be a miracle treatment, was recently determined to be statistically no better than standard care. Meanwhile, Russia’s Vladimir Putin announced with great fanfare the production of a Covid-19 vaccine. Yet Western critics point out that the drug “Sputnik V” hasn’t undergone late-stage, large, randomized control trials.

The world seems to be starving for good news concerning Covid-19 that isn’t fake news. On this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr separate the superlative claims from the true scientific advances while also offering answers to the following coronavirus questions:

[00:52] Update: What should listeners know about the week that was? 

[06:56] Per reports, has the coronavirus mutated? Is this good news or bad?

[08:21] What is convalescent plasma andhow does it work?

[12:19] Yale’s saliva test received FDA approval. What’s the benefit of this Covid-19 test over the alternatives?

[14:37] What are the biggest Covid-19 threats facing sports?

[17:24] What should we make of Russia’s vaccine, now in production?

[18:56] New Zealand had great success containing the virus early on. Last week, the country reported over a dozen new cases. What happened?

[21:27] What’s the latest on schools reopening?

[24:20] How will voters think about healthcare overall, and the coronavirus in particular, this November?

[26:37] What’s the mood on in Iowa, where co-host Jeremy Corr lives?

[28:16] Assuming March was the real onset of this pandemic in the United States, we’re nearing the half-year mark. Where are we now?

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