#20: What’s the truth about super spreaders, saliva tests and vaccine safety?

In this, the 20th episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr address the most pressing questions concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are “super spreaders”? Will the FDA approve a COVID-19 vaccine before phase-three testing wraps up? What do we know about latest testing controversy enshrouding the CDC? And how did Iowa, of all places, become the latest coronavirus hotspot?

Since March 2020, this podcast has delivered science-based updates on the coronavirus, insights from public health officials and clinicians, along with an unbiased look at how the COVID-19 news and information impact American life. With informed commentary, helpful context and reporting from only the most credible sources, Coronavirus: The Truth cuts through the politics and misinformation to bring listeners the truth.

Questions answered in this episode include:

[00:50] What did we learn last week about the coronavirus pandemic? 

[03:22] The CDC is at the center of another COVID-19 testing controversy. What are the details?  

[05:48] Research on the much-ballyhooed saliva test was just published in NEJM. Are these less-painful tests accurate or not?

[07:51] The FDA said it might approve vaccines before phase-three testing results are in. Will that spook the public and would Dr. Pearl take it, himself?

[10:51] Why are men faring worse in this pandemic than women?

[12:27] Listener question: What is a super spreader?

[14:17] What’s with this 6% statistic that pandemic deniers are touting?   

[19:15] Do scientists know anything about the psychological consequences of the pandemic so far?

[21:43] Jeremy Corr’s home state of Iowa now has highest incidence of coronavirus infection. What’s going on there?

[23:40] Why are meat packing facilities continuing to see such high rates of coronavirus infections? Is further disruption to the food chain possible?

[25:41] Is “planned herd immunity” (allowing ~150 million relatively healthy people to get infected) a feasible strategy for ending the pandemic in this country?

[33:06] Listener question: Should the United States join the global search for a vaccine or continue to go it alone?

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