#21: Do these coronavirus statistics surprise you?

There has been no shortage of surprising statistics to emerge from this pandemic.

Dr. Robert Pearl’s upcoming Forbes article, “Three Misleading, Dangerous Coronavirus Statistics” (available here on Tuesday, Sept. 21), examines a trio of figures that are based on actual data but have proven to be misleading and hazardous to the nation’s health.

This episode of Coronavirus: The Truth features several statistics that might surprise you. Take the recent CBS opinion poll, which found that just 21% of voters would take a free vaccine if one became available in the near future (more on that at the 18:32 mark of this podcast). Or what about the new Axios poll, which found that 51% of college students who say it was not the right choice for their schools to allow students on campus (see 21:56 below).

Tune in for more surprising stats, along with answers to the following Covid-19 questions:

[00:51] What did health experts learn this past week about the coronavirus?

[06:28] How are other nations dealing with resurgences of the diseases?

[07:47] What are the latest “miscommunications” to come out of the CDC?

[09:41] Where are we on the passage of a new stimulus bill in Congress?

[12:02] What’s the status of Covid-19 vaccine development?

[16:28] How will we know if a vaccine is truly safe and effective?

[18:32] Will Americans trust and be willing to take an FDA approved vaccine?

[19:49] What’s known about the potential long-term health effects of the virus?

[21:56] What’s the deal with college campuses and spikes in cases?

[24:54] Why do people in different parts of the country interpret the threat of this virus so differently?

[26:36] Elected officials in New York are under fire from critics and local business owners. What’s the latest?

[29:28] Listener question: “Is there any chance this virus will be here forever?”

[34:42] What hobbies/activities keep our co-hosts happy and mentally healthy?

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