#22: What do (and don’t) we know about Trump’s illness and treatments?

Sean Conley Trump Covid-19 treatment Walter Reed

President Donald Trump tweeted today that he will soon leave Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he has been receiving treatment for Covid-19.

Trump’s physician said the president is not “entirely out of the woods yet” but that the patient could continue his ongoing treatment regimen from the White House.

In this episode Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr examine the available facts about the U.S. president’s illness, current condition and ongoing medical care. In addition, our co-hosts have answers to the following Covid-19 questions:

[00:51] What’s the latest on President Trump’s health status following his diagnosis of COVID-19 late last week? What treatment(s) has he received? Why was he given them under a “compassionate use” request? And what’s next?

[04:17] Does Trump have a legal right to patient privacy or do Americans deserve to know the president’s health status?

[07:18] What are the latest virus developments *outside* of the White House?

[10:42] The U.S. mortality rate: what is it for Covid-19 and why is it important?

[14:46] What’s happening economically in the county right now?

[17:23] Where do drug makers stand with vaccine development?

[22:11] People remain skeptical about the safety of the vaccine. Are they wise to be concerned at this stage?

[25:07] Trump continues to tout new treatments. Do any of them look scientifically promising yet?

[28:50] News outlets are reporting about a new strain of the virus. What are the medical implications? Is it more lethal?

[30:41] Which healthcare topics did the presidential candidates fail to touch on in last week’s debate?

[32:07] Will the healthcare specifics (or lack of) in last week’s debate sway votes?

[34:14] Listener question: If the Supreme Court strikes down the Affordable Care Act in the near future, how would that impact coronavirus treatments?

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