#24: Are the kids alright? What about their parents?

Podcast cohost Jeremy Corr is the father of a four-year-old son. Like many parents, Jeremy is inundated with information (much of it conflicting) about the coronavirus, its spread among children and the threat of transmission between kids and adults.

In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, Jeremy and his cohost Dr. Robert Pearl discuss the latest scientific findings, including an interesting Yale study, which concluded that childcare is not associated with spread of COVID-19.

Tune in for more on this and the following topics and questions:

[00:50] What was the biggest news concerning the coronavirus this past week and what does it mean?

[06:26] What have scientists learned about Covid-19 infections among young children?

[07:47] What to make about the promising study in Science concerning antibodies?

[09:47] College campuses are accounting for high rates of infection. What’s going on here?

[11:28] Why did the CDC change its definition of “close contact” (close proximity)?

[15:52] What’s the latest news on vaccine development?

[19:04] Listener question: Is it safe to fly home for the holidays?

[21:15] Listener question: Is it unsafe for parents to send their kids to school?

[25:03] Has mask-wearing increased in rural America with the latest surge in cases?

Next week’s show will focus on conspiracy theories about Covid-19. Tune in then and let us know if you have any questions ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. To get in touch, please visit the contact page or send us a message on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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