#25: Is there any truth to these Covid-19 conspiracy theories?

Welcome to episode 25 of “Coronavirus: The Truth,” a podcast that focuses on the facts surrounding COVID-19.

Today’s show breaks from our traditional format. It is dedicated to addressing the most prevalent rumors, claims and conspiracy theories about Covid-19: from miracle cures to media hoaxes. We’ll look at frequently cited examples of disinformation, pseudoscience and false assertions from across the internet.

Our intent isn’t to discredit these claims, but to examine them today from all sides. We’ll look at both the scientific facts as well as the fears that stoke people’s suspicions. We’ll address all of these Covid-19 topics honestly and sympathetically. As always, the goal of this podcast is to provide listeners with the information they need to keep them and their loved ones safe.

Here are the questions/conspiracies/claims covered in today’s episode:

[05:30] Where did the virus come from? Was Covid-19 created in a Chinese lab?

[12:35] One of President Trump’s top medical advisers urged a controversial “herd immunity” strategy to combat the pandemic. What does the science say?

[19:08] Trump claimed that doctors and hospitals have inflating their COVID-19 patient counts in order to, quote, “get more money.” Is it true? And are we over-counting our nation’s Covid-19 cases?

[22:05] In July, the Trump administration announced shifted control of coronavirus hospital data from the CDC over to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Has there been any evidence of foul play with Covid-19 reporting?

[25:37] A lot of claims on social media suggest that masks don’t work or can actually prove harmful. What are the facts?

[29:14] Do other countries test their populations significantly less than the United States? Is there truth to the claim that other nations are fudging the numbers on cases and deaths?

[32:45] Is it possible that the efficacy of drugs like Regeneron, Hydroxychloroquine and Remdisivir has been underplayed by people who just didn’t want to give the Trump administration a win?

[35:43] Is there any truth to the rumor that Pfizer may have delayed the good news about its Covid-19 vaccine tests until after the election?

[36:33] The coronavirus pandemic has been politicized since day one. What are the most incendiary claims from both sides?

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1 thought on “#25: Is there any truth to these Covid-19 conspiracy theories?

  1. Zen Dissonance Reply

    If you go to the WHO website, you can download a pdf file about the vaccine agenda to be implemented by 2030. It seems things will go mandatory, which is frightening. People will also be encouraged to snitch on those they know who have not received their vaccines. It tells of the efforts they will make on social media and other media outlets to push this agenda hard.. you’re already witnessing this. The world isn’t looking like a very pretty place anymore. There is obviously no correct information given on the correct diet that the human body needs to support its own immune system, which can absolutely put a virus into remission. They claim they are creating a healthier world through synthetic, mandatory means, yet do not educate on how many vitamins and trace minerals the human body needs, nor the fact that carbohydrates and sugars deplete the immunes system.
    McDonald’s is still doing well, however.
    Welcome to The Great American Project. It is a success.
    God bless the Corporation of the United States of America, where everything is a lie.

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