CTT #28: Are coronavirus mutations in the UK cause for concern in the US?

It has been a busy two weeks for news outlets covering the coronavirus pandemic. The holidays brought a surge in new cases and deaths. A coronavirus mutation was reported in England. Reports of allergic reactions to the vaccine have also surfaced. There’s news on at-home testing kits and there’s a new coronavirus relief package that has been signed by the president.

In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl discuss these events and answer listener questions.

Here’s what was covered [and when] on this episode:

[00:49] What was the biggest coronavirus news from this past week?

[04:13] Listener questions: “What does it mean that the virus has mutated?” and “Will the current vaccines work on these new mutations?”

[09:11] How many Americans must be vaccinated to reach herd immunity?

[12:03] Any truth to the accusation that Dr. Fauci downplayed the threats of the coronavirus to avoid inciting panic?

[14:33] Why has the pandemic divided, rather than united, our country? And what, if anything, could be done to keep politics out of future pandemic responses?

[17:50] Listener question: “I’m 48 and my parents just had their 80th birthdays. When will we be able to get vaccinated?”

[20:54] Are young and healthy people right to worry about vaccine scarcity in the U.S.?

[23:26] Listener question: Should we worry about reports of severe allergic reactions to the vaccine?

[25:41] What exactly is in the vaccines? Do the ingredients differ between the Pfizer, Moderna, and others?

[27:38] Is it difficult to keep the vaccines at extreme low temperatures, especially in more rural areas?

[30:20] Listener question: “Can my employer force me to be vaccinated as a condition of employment?”

[33:37] After someone is vaccinated, can he/she return to their pre-pandemic lifestyle?

[36:48] What’s the status of at-home testing for Covid-19? Coming soon?

[40:00] Why do pro and NCAA sports continue to stumble (with game cancellations in all major sports)?

[42:15] With many similarities to the “Spanish flu” of 1918, why haven’t Americans learned lessons from history?

[44:55] What should Americans know about the coronavirus stimulus bill signed by the president?

[48:14] The relief package includes a law against “surprise medical billing.” What is surprise medical billing and how will this legislation change the current practice?

[50:53] U.S. life expectancy grew in 2019, but what will the 2020 data show?

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