CTT #30: Are the mutant strains of Covid deadlier?

Variants (or mutant strains) of the coronavirus have popped up in the U.K., South Africa and Brazil. These strains are highly transmissible, sparking concerns that the variants could be more lethal and that current vaccines may be less effective against them.

Perhaps most concerning is the question of if (or when) these variants will wreak havoc in the United States, where hospitals are still reeling from unsafe gatherings during the winter holidays.

In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl dive into this issue and answer listener questions. Here’s what was discussed [and when] on this episode:

[00:49] Each week, the show begins with the most recent and relevant facts of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[06:44] Covid-19 developments in Europe are gaining attention. Why?

[08:40] Dr. Fauci says herd immunity will require vaccination rates of 75% to 80%. Is that possible?

[11:48] Is “coronavirus fatigue” still a national problem according to the data?

[13:16] Are Black Americans receiving a smaller percent of available vaccines?

[15:19] Any positive Covid-19 news this week?

[17:23] Are nursing homes safer now than early in the pandemic?

[19:20] What do the hosts see as the most likely scenario for the pandemic six months down the road?

[20:48] President Biden is likely to push for a national mask policy. Will he be successful if it is voluntary and if not, what more should he do?

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