CTT #31: How long do Covid-19 symptoms persist? What’s a normal recovery?

A listener of this show wrote in with a question about her ongoing coronavirus symptoms. A month after testing positive, she’s still not back to feeling like herself. According to the data, she’s not alone. All across the country, there are millions of these so-called “long-haulers,” and the actual number of people who fall into this category might be even larger than we initial thought.

Patients who continue to experience Covid-19 symptoms talk about “brain fog,” difficulty sleeping, ongoing exhaustion, inability to regain sense of taste or smell, and in some cases, damage to the heart, lung or kidney.

So, what’s “normal” in terms of recovery from the Covid-19 disease and what do scientists know about these long-haulers? In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl dive into this issue and answer listener questions. Here’s what was discussed [and when] on this episode:

[00:53] Each week, the show begins with the most recent and relevant facts of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[06:08] What’s the status of the mysterious Russian vaccine?

[08:00] Listener question: “I had the coronavirus a month ago and am still not back to feeling like myself. Is this common?”

[10:45] What does data tell us about this pandemic and mental health issues?

[12:16] What’s the controversy surrounding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

[17:05] Got any good news this week?

[19:16] What happens when you get the first vaccine dose from one manufacturer and the second from a different one?

[21:45] One year into the pandemic and we have three vaccines but no effective treatments outside of a steroid to reduce inflammation. Why?

[25:47] Better equipped to manage vaccine distribution: businesses or the government?

[26:42] As a patient, does co-host Jeremy Corr have any advice or request for the Biden administration?

[28:14] Listener question: “Can you talk about the success of the vaccination program in Israel? Anything Americans can take from it?”

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