CTT #32: Is herd immunity almost here?

A respected doctor recently published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal predicting, “We’ll have herd immunity by April.” Many other respected doctors took to social media to contradict him, arguing it’s too early to claim victory over the disease.

For months now, co-hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr have been closely monitoring the debate and data surrounding our nation’s immunity status. If one thing’s clear, it’s that nothing is clear. The scientific community seems split right down the middle.

Pearl points out that there are two camps emerging in the debate over herd immunity: Those who are more cautious and those who are more optimistic. In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, Pearl explains how both sides might be right.

Here’s everything that was discussed [and when] on this episode:

[00:58] Each week, the show begins with the most recent and relevant facts of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[05:00] Listener question: “The number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths seem to move up and down so fast that my head is spinning! What’s going on?”

[08:02] What are the latest vaccine updates?

[13:25] Listener question: “Do scientists know anything more about vaccinations for pregnant women?”

[15:02] Should people who’ve had Covid-19 be vaccinated?

[19:24] Some people are forgoing the second shot for fear of an allergic reaction. Good idea?

[20:56] Any updates on the various mutant strains?

[23:50] J&J’s vaccine is approved: Yay! Any other good news this week?

[26:02] NYC drama: Early in the pandemic, Governor Cuomo was held up as a coronavirus hero. Now everyone seems to be against him. What’s the truth behind all this drama?

[29:25] What should we make of the mental health statistics emerging from the pandemic?

[32:08] Last year, Mardi Gras was a super spreader event. What happened this year in New Orleans?

[33:11] We’ve now passed a half million deaths in the United States, as Dr. Pearl reluctantly predicted in October 2020. If we had known at the start of the pandemic that a vaccine would be highly effective, safe and available in less than a year, what might we have done differently early on?

[34:29] What’s new from a global perspective?

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