CTT #39: What’s the truth about Covid-19’s origins?

Several recent news stories have revived the debate over whether the novel coronavirus was first transmitted from a bat to a human via a wet market in Wuhan, China, or whether its origins can be traced to the Wuhan Institute of Virology as a result of a laboratory error.

A U.S. intelligence report found that three researchers at the institute were sick enough in November 2019 to require hospital care—meaning they had symptoms consist with Covid-19 a full month before the first case was officially reported in China.

If that’s the case, how might the virus have made its way into the institute? And would this explanation legitimize past internet conspiracy theories? Much more on this and the following questions in this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth with Jeremy Corr and Dr. Pearl.

[01:01] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[03:07] How effective are current vaccines against the new global variants?

[05:08] Wet market or lab: where did the novel coronavirus originate?

[11:59] Why is there still so much distrust in the U.S. pertaining to Covid-19?

[13:38] Will vaccinated Americans need booster shots?

[18:47] Can schools and employers legally mandate vaccination?

[23:36] What’s good this week?

[26:46] What are “breakthrough infections” and should we be concerned?

[29:24] Was cancelling the Olympic Games a smart move by Japanese leaders?

[31:01] Would a financial incentive combat vaccine hesitancy?

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