CTT #42: How dangerous is the Delta variant?

“How worried should people be about the Delta variant?” asked one listener of Coronavirus: The Truth.

The answer: Very. “Data published online this week shows the Delta variant spreads 225% faster than the original coronavirus,” said cohost Dr. Robert Pearl in this episode, adding that there are approximately 1,000 times more copies of this coronavirus strain in the respiratory tracts of infected people. What’s more, those infected with the Delta variant tend to become infectious far earlier in the clinical course. Combined these factors make this mutant coronavirus more dangerous, both for those who come down with the virus and those who remain unvaccinated.

This troubling trend, plus a deeper dive into the science and the following questions—all in this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth with Jeremy Corr and Dr. Pearl.

[01:00] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[05:21] How worried should people be about the Delta variant of Covid-19?

[11:06] Can the Delta infect and sicken vaccinated people?

[14:43] How do we explain Israel’s experience with this variant (given high vaccination rates)?

[17:23] Listener question: “Our family is fully vaccinated, so why did LA County just recommend that we continue to wear masks inside?”

[19:07] Listener question: “Thank you for your global coverage of the pandemic. I want to know what is the current thinking on the vaccine that was developed in China and is being distributed to many countries around the world?”

[25:28] U.S. vaccinations have fallen from 4 million per day to about half a million. What do we know about the vaccine holdouts?

[28:09] What’s good this week?

[30:36] What’s the big story in non-Covid news this week?

[33:46] Will patients take advantage of price-shopping elective services after Covid-19?

[34:38] What about other the healthcare transparency measures recently introduced?

[35:39] Why has American longevity declined and will numbers rebound this year?

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