CTT #44: How does the Delta variant affect kids?

“As you know my son starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks,” Jeremy Corr said to his cohost Dr. Robert Pearl in this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth. “I know this topic is causing anxiety for a lot of parents as they prepare for the school year. How’s the Delta variant affecting kids? Should we be more concerned than we were before? What advice do you have for parents with young children going to school in a couple of weeks?”

Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl discuss these questions in detail, dive into the “Delta-Plus” variant, consider a possible ban on booster shots, and tackle the following topics throughout the episode:

[01:03] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[06:47] Why is the CDC recommending masks indoors for vaccinated people?

[11:07] What is “Delta-Plus”?

[12:51] How is the Delta variant affecting foreign travel?

[13:48] Why does controversy keep following the FDA and CDC of late?

[16:28] Why did the WHO propose a ban on booster shots?

[18:09] Does the Delta variant affect kids differently than adults?

[21:32] What reasons do people give for refusing vaccination?

[23:26] What’s good this week?

[25:13] What’s the big non-Covid story this week?

[27:20] How has Delta impacted areas like Iowa where cohost Jeremy Corr lives?

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