CTT #48: Is Merck’s anti-Covid pill really the ‘holy grail’?

Merck’s new oral antiviral medication (molnupiravir) has been labeled a “huge, huge advance” in the fight against Covid-19 by a Harvard Medical School virologist. The pill also has been called the “holy grail of treatments” by an executive director at the World Health Organization.

Merck says it’s now seeking FDA authorization of the investigational medication after phase-three clinical trials showed a 50% reduction in hospitalizations and death among individuals infected with Covid-19.

In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl discuss the new medication, the research done so far, the pill’s side effects, the costs, and the implications for our nation’s ongoing battle against the coronavirus.

[01:00] What should we know about Merck’s new pill?

[06:40] How do we explain those who are anti-vaccine but pro-Merck-pill despite the large differential in available research data?

[07:55] Who should get a booster, according to FDA and CDC guidelines?

[10:58] Are vaccine mandates working based on early returns?

[12:42]  What prompted Dr. Pearl’s provocative Forbes article comparing Covid-19 with 9/11?

[16:44] Listener question: Do we have any data regarding side-effects from booster shots?

[18:12] What ever happened to Covid-19 testing?

[21:10] Any scientific truth to social-media claims Covid-19 vaccines cause infertility

[23:29] What’s good this week?

[25:59] What’s the big non-Covid healthcare story listeners should know about?

[31:10] Listener question: “I loved [Jeremy’s] analysis about which of the past U.S. presidents would have been best to lead our nation through the pandemic. I though your choice of Lincoln was superb. Who do you believe would have been the worst president for this task?”

[34:12] What should we make of California Governor Gavin Newsome’s decision to require vaccination for in-person classes for all students in schools?

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