CTT #50: Is Covid-19 here to stay?

There was time when Coronavirus: The Truth cohosts Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl assumed the show would be irrelevant and retired by episode 20. This week, which marks the show’s 50th episode, the question must be asked: Is the coronavirus here to stay?

Several news outlets have reported in recent weeks that the Covid-19 pandemic may become endemic, continuing to circulate among the population for the foreseeable future. If that were to happen, according to the Wall Street Journal, “The disease could eventually become more similar to routine illnesses like the flu or colds, common ailments that are less destructive and deadly than Covid-19 is now.”

So, with vaccinations rates stalling and herd immunity still a long way off, Pearl and Corr discuss whether some form of Covid-19 be with us for the long haul. That and the following [time stamped] questions now:

[01:01] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[04:45] Listener question: “I’ve been fully vaccinated and was wondering about getting a booster since there has been so much debate about approving additional shots for people under the age of 65.”

[06:46] Merck’s Covid-19 pill is now approved in Great Britain. What’s the story here?

[10:25] Do we need vaccine mandates?

[12:31] What should parents know about vaccinated their children?

[13:48] Question for cohost Jeremy Corr: If you knew in March 2020 this pandemic would be a 2-3 year march, is there anything you would have done differently for yourself or your son?

[15:50] Listener question: “I have recovered from Covid-19. How important is it to be vaccinated in addition? I’m worried about having a reaction to the shot.

[18:18] Will the Covid-19 pandemic become endemic? And what would that mean?  

[23:42] Do poor Americans suffer more in a pandemic?

[25:09] Did financial incentives increase vaccinations as hoped?

[26:48] What’s good this week?

[28:48] What’s this episode’s non-Covid healthcare story?

[32:01] What’s coming up on the Fixing Healthcare podcast?

[33:35] Should parents vaccinate the five- and six-year-olds?

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