CTT #53: How dangerous is Omicron, based on the latest data?

CTT #53: How dangerous is Omicron, based on the latest data?

Omicron, the mysterious new variant accounting for nearly 3 of every 4 new cases in the United States, is top of mind for Americans as 2021 draws to an end. The answers scientists seek about Omicron are slowly coming into clearer view.

In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, hosts Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl look at the most recent data and discuss: the known risks of Omicron compared to Delta, the effectiveness of vaccines and boosters against Omcrion, the effect of the new variant on vaccine rates and the latest on vaccine mandates. Tune in now for the latest, science-based answers to the following [time stamped] questions:

[01:00] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[05:23] What do scientists now know about Omicron risks?

[07:10] What are the current vaccine and booster rates?

[09:00] What’s the latest in public opinion on vaccine mandates?

[13:04] Listener question. Several listeners wrote to ask for an update on the effectiveness of the current vaccines against Omicron. What do we know?

[17:28] Discussion. Why aren’t people in nursing homes getting the attention or protection they need? What can be done?

[19:21] How will year three of Covid-19 affect people’s mental health?

[25:16] Where do vaccine mandates stand in the courts?

[28:35] What’s good this week?

[30:16] What’s the big non-Covid story this week?

[33:09] Discussion. Which of the following poses the biggest U.S. threat: inflation, Covid-19, business challenges and educational difficulties?

[35:28] Is Omicron both more transmissible and less lethal?

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