CTT #56: Is an Omicron vaccine coming soon? Will it help?

Drug makers Pfizer and Moderna are testing a new vaccine specific to the Omicron variant—with an ETA around summer 2022 or even later. The timing is important as scientists recognize the variant should be far less prevalent by then. So, why would Pfizer and Modern even bother?

Hear the answer to that question at the 22:41 mark on this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth with Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl. The duo will discuss all things Omicron, along with the following [time stamped] questions:

[00:56] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[07:35] Being “fully vaccinated” vs. “up to date”: what’s the difference when it comes to the threat of Omicron?

[09:40] How prevalent is Omicron infection where Dr. Pearl and Jeremy Corr live?

[11:43] What do we know about Chinese-manufactured vaccine, Sinovac?

[14:55] Are monoclonal antibodies effective against Omicron?

[16:46] What’s the latest science on “long Covid”?

[18:44] What’s going on with vaccine mandates?

[22:41] Is an Omicron-specific vaccine on the way?

[24:38] What’s good this week?

[26:10] What does it mean to “break the rules of healthcare”?

[31:37] How can patients safely break the rules of healthcare?

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