CTT #57: How do Covid-19 vaccines alter fertility, childbirth, menstrual cycles?

pregnant woman and covid-19

Research on 4,000 women over six months found that Covid-19 vaccines are linked to a small increase in menstrual cycle length. Such a delay is common when a woman’s body mounts an immune response, says cohost Dr. Robert Pearl.

Other scientific studies have examined the link between vaccine status in pregnant mothers and relative immunity in their newborn children, as well as the link between vaccination and fertility in men. Jeremy Corr and Dr. Pearl dive into the data on this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth to examine those topics and the following [time stamped] questions:

[01:01] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[06:04] Australia shifted its public health measures from highly restrictive to incredibly lax. Why? And is it working?

[09:04] Is it the responsibility of U.S. elected officials to protect the unvaccinated by restricting the vaccinated?

[10:57] The courts have ruled that federal government can’t mandate vaccination for workers. How does this affect private businesses?

[13:29] Where does the FDA stand with approving vaccinations for kids 5 and younger?

[18:05] Anything new on the BA.2. variant?

[19:48] Listener question: Does the coronavirus vaccine affect my menstrual cycle?

[22:26] How many total deaths in the United States can be attributed to the pandemic?

[23:36] What’s good this week?

[25:29] Beyond Covid-19: What’s happening with healthcare technologies?

[28:29] Is AI something to fear or celebrate in healthcare?

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