CTT #59: What does Covid-19 infection do to the brain?

A group of researchers in the UK examined hundreds of brain scans that were taken both before and after people became infected with the coronavirus. The study, published in Nature, concluded that “there is strong evidence for brain-related abnormalities in Covid-19.” Some of the recorded disease effects included tissue damage, along with reductions in both grey matter and overall brain size, post-infection.

This study raises more questions for scientists and medical professionals about the possible long-term consequences of Covid-19. Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl examine these questions in this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth. You’ll find all the [time stamped] questions from this show in the notes below:

[01:15] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[10:23] What’s the latest on Ivermectin, the Covid-19 treatment therapy?

[14:41] How can patients distinguish science from pseudoscience?

[16:48] Did researchers uncover data that shows brain damage after Covid-19 infection?

[18:06] What do we know about “long Covid” now?

[21:12] Is the CDC finally agree with the WHO on vaccines?

[23:18] What’s good this week?

[27:15] Why are medical workers abandoning the profession?

[29:55] How do employer vaccine requirements and mask mandates affect local businesses?

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