CTT #62: Has the pandemic ‘frozen’ kids emotionally, socially?

child with teddy bear looks out the window of a suburban home; both child and bear are wearing masks

The New York Times surveyed 362 school counselors on the effects of the pandemic on children. The results were both predictable and troubling. Not only have kids fallen behind in the basics like reading and math, but counselors also described students as “frozen, socially and emotionally, at the age they were when the pandemic started.”

Nearly all counselors (94%) said students were showing more signs of anxiety and depression than before the pandemic. What can be done about these troubling developments? Are there reasons for optimism in the data? What’s new with vaccine approvals for young children?

Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl examine these questions and many others in this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth. You’ll find all the [time stamped] topics discussed during this show here:

[00:51] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[03:08] There are new concerns about long-COVID. What have researchers found?

[05:40] Listener question: “The World Health Organization estimates that 5 times more people have died from Covid-19 in India than reported. Is the same true for Africa?”

[09:16] Listener question: “I feel fine, but I tested positive for COVID 10 days after coming down with infection. What does this mean?”

[14:35] Dr. Pearl wrote a recent Forbes article titled “Why Omicron Is About to Make Americans Act Immorally, Inappropriately.” What did he conclude?

[18:27] Will sporting events and indoor weddings see capacity crowds this fall?

[19:46] For parents, is there any new research on kids and Covid-19?

[23:03] Is a vaccine for Omicron coming soon?

[25:00] What do we know about other Covid-19 vaccines in the works?

[28:15] Listener request: “I listened to your show last month about monkeypox and hope you can provide an update during your next show.”

[30:02] Listener question: “One of your episodes included data about how the U.S. spends so much more on medical care than other nations and yet trails other industrialized countries on all clinical outcomes. But isn’t cancer an exception in America?”

[32:06] Listener question: “Almost everyone I know has gotten sick with Covid-19 lately. A few of them have been sick for several days, but none of them needed hospitalization or came close to dying. How dangerous is it  to get COVID now?”

[34:12] Cohost Jeremy Corr’s had a recent experience with Covid-19. What happened?

[35:51] What’s the big non-Covid-19 news story this month?

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