CTT #66: What’s the latest on long Covid?  

In this episode of Coronavirus: The Truth, Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl discuss new research out of Scotland that finds as many as 40% of people experience lingering Covid-19 symptoms months after infection. Is this data reliable and, if so, what does it mean for the long-term treatment of this disease?

You’ll find that and all the other [time stamped] topics discussed during this show here:

[00:49] Each show begins with the most recent and relevant facts concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on American life. What’s happening and what does it mean?

[03:23] Are employer and government vaccine mandates gone for good?

[04:48] Are other nations dropping Covid-19 restrictions, too?

[06:43] Are U.S. healthcare providers still under “one-size-fits-all” restrictions?

[08:58] Do Americans respect/heed CDC guidance?

[09:41] Is Paxlovid worth taking for people with Covid-19?

[11:54] What’s the latest on “Long Covid”?

[15:04] Does Covid-19 infection alter the timing of women’s periods?

[17:28] What’s the latest research on Covid-19 and kids?

[20:48] Beyond Covid: Are people more optimistic and fulfilled?

[22:00] Is polio making a worldwide comeback?

[24:56] What is the primary care shortage doing to America’s health?

[27:39] How bad is the medical debt problem in the United States?

[30:14] What does the Amazon acquisition of One Medical mean for medicine?

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