FHC #82: An unfiltered look at love and life expectancy

Valentine’s Day is here—a time to celebrate the heart. In this episode, Drs. Robert Pearl and Zubin Damania (aka ZDoggMD) discuss a series of studies confirming that interpersonal relationships (with friends, family, etc.) have the biggest impact on life expectancy and overall wellness.

This raises the question: Is there a role for medicine in addressing this most vital component of health?

At Turntable Health, the primary-care venture Dr. Z founded in Las Vegas, the traditional “waiting room” was converted into a community space where patients could hang out, have conversations, participate in mindfulness classes and even form friendships (in a HIPAA-compliant way, he added).

“We are social creatures and we need others,” says ZDoggMD.

In this Unfiltered episode of Fixing Healthcare, cohosts Jeremy Corr and Dr. Pearl, along with ZDoggMD, discuss the “L” word, the importance of relationships in good health and how clinicians can set aside denial (a cultural tenet of medicine) and let emotion safely enter in to medical practice.

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