MTT #72: The Covid-19 pandemic is over! Did anyone notice?

On today’s episode of “Medicine: The Truth” (formerly “Coronavirus: The Truth”), hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr tackle more of healthcare’s hottest issues and biggest problems.

Today’s show begins with the “end” of the Covid-19 pandemic. This month, the Biden administration signed a bipartisan congressional resolution to end the national emergency declaration that began in March 2020 under then-president Trump. Pearl points out that the official White House notice brought the pandemic to a rather anticlimactic conclusion. After more than 1,000 days of “emergency,” there were no fireworks, no parades, nothing to celebrate a moment for which our nation waited years.

Pearl and Corr then take a step-back look at our nation’s Covid-19 response, offering perspective by comparing it with other high-level government failures.

“When I think of conflicts that ended poorly for the U.S., like Vietnam or Iraq, the conclusions of those wars were treated similarly to how the end of the Covid-19 emergency declaration was handled,” observed Pearl who then asks his cohost, “Do you think the lack of enthusiasm shown by how the government managed the official conclusion to the pandemic reflected a sense of failure or just an acknowledgement that Americans put the pandemic in the rearview mirror months earlier?”

Tune in for the full conversation around Covid-19 and a host pressing healthcare topics. As always, Dr. Pearl and Jeremy eagerly follow the facts, uncover the truth, and help listeners understand how the world’s biggest healthcare stories affect us all. Click here for more info:

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