FHC #95: This cardiologist took care of 20,000 hearts before taking care of his own

This Unfiltered episode of Fixing Healthcare welcomes back Dr. Jonathan Fisher, a respected cardiologist and renowned advocate for physician well-being.

He joins cohosts Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl to discuss hard-earned lessons from his upcoming book “Just One Heart: A Cardiologist’s Guide to Healing, Health, and Happiness.”

In this interview, Fisher explains the “Seven Timeless Traits of the Heart”: steadiness, wisdom, openness, wholeness, courage, lightness and warmth. Each comprises a chapter in his book, giving readers a set of real-world strategies, exercises and tips for strengthening these qualities of the heart.

Fisher says, “As you strengthen the seven traits of your heart, you will find more health, joy, meaning, and connection in your own life and have the tools to help others do the same.”

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