FHC #98: Don Berwick on leadership, greed + a promising youth movement

Returning to the Fixing Healthcare podcast for a third time is Dr. Don Berwick, here to talk about the dire need for leadership to address our nation’s many healthcare crises.

Returning to the Fixing Healthcare podcast is Dr. Don Berwick. He offers frank words about the dire need for medical leadership to address our nation’s many healthcare crises.

Don is the former president and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and led the organization’s 100,000 Lives Campaign. He’s the former administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

In this interview, hosts Jeremy Corr and Dr. Robert Pearl ask Don to discuss what is holding back healthcare leadership from instituting meaningful change and from kicking off what Don describes as a necessary “revolution.”

The discussion leads to the incumbents of healthcare—pharma, health insurance, hospital system execs, etc.—and why they do well when healthcare fails to improve. Don opines on private vs. public care, a global movement toward integrated care systems and the ways ChatGPT can support the “frail memory” of individual physicians.

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Dr. Robert Pearl is the author of a book about medicine’s invisible yet highly influential physician culture. Check out “Uncaring: How Physician Culture Is Killing Doctors & Patients.” All profits from the book go to Doctors Without Borders.

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