FHC #99: Why is healthcare so expensive and who will fix it?

This “Unfiltered” episode of Fixing Healthcare welcomes back Dr. Jonathan Fisher, a respected cardiologist and renowned advocate for physician well-being.

Alongside cohost Jeremy Corr, Dr. Robert Pearl kicks off the conversation by noting that a growing number of healthcare conferences focus on clinician burnout, including several events hosted by Dr. Fisher, which strive to relievie the pain doctors and nurses experience daily. And, simultaneously, Pearl cites the pain of patients who are, increasingly, unable to afford the cost of health insurance and healthcare.

“A potential solution to both problems,” says Dr. Pearl, “is through added productivity in healthcare.”

And this leads us to the show’s central question: “Is there a role for doctors and nurses to provide excellence in medical care at lower costs, or is that someone else’s responsibility?”

Fisher responds: “The question really triggers physicians and it’s because of the way we define productivity. The traditional definition, if you ask all the productivity experts, is doing more. The question is not ‘how can you do more with less?’ but rather ‘how can you be part of the solution?’”

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