FHC #124: An unfiltered look at the science & skill of love

This “Unfiltered” episode of Fixing Healthcare welcomes back Dr. Jonathan Fisher, a respected cardiologist and renowned advocate for physician well-being. This February, what more appropriate topic to discuss with a heart doctor than love?

Dr. Fisher, whose upcoming book “Just One Heart” dedicates an entire chapter to the topic, says that love is a skill that requires practice, work and considered thought. The elevated amount of dedication and commitment needed to find and foster love is not unlike the journey toward becoming a doctor. Dr. Fisher recalls some of the obstacles he faced in both arenas: his study of cardiology and of love.

“In medical school and residency training, I did not value love,” said Dr. Fisher. “I valued success and becoming a great doctor. And, actually, that was part of the reason I became burned out. I under-valued and under-indexed love and over-indexed success, at least the way that it was modeled to me by my teachers.”

Fixing Healthcare cohosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr help Dr. Fisher explore the importance of love in all aspects of life. Dr. Fisher offers tips and techniques for mastering the “skill” of love. Dr. Pearl describes the medical and psychological consequences tied to the lack of love in one’s life and how recently he elevated his love of medicine during a surgical mission to the Philippines. They share statistical evidence of love’s impact on happiness, professional satisfaction and even longevity. And, as always, Jeremy Corr chimes in with a question on behalf of patients.

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