MTT #82: How do childhood traumas shape our health as adults?

Today’s episode of Medicine: The Truth delves into the lasting impact of adverse childhood events (ACEs) on mental and physical health in adulthood. A groundbreaking study involving over 25,000 Swedish twins has shed new light on the significant role the environment plays in shaping mental health outcomes, revealing that individuals who experienced major childhood traumas were substantially more likely to develop psychiatric illnesses compared to their non-traumatized twin counterparts.

Podcast cohosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr unpack these findings, exploring the intricate relationship between childhood adversity and later life health challenges, including depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and even physical ailments like heart disease and cancer. The discussion extends to the influence of genetics versus environment on mental health and the transformative potential of nurturing healthier environments for children to mitigate these long-term impacts.

Are we underestimating the power of our childhood experiences on our adult well-being? Join us to explore this critical question and more in today’s thought-provoking episode. Here’s a snapshot of all the topics covered on this episode of Medicine: The Truth.

  • The latest on birth control availability
  • The link between COVID vaccination and political affiliation
  • The Alabama Supreme Court’s decision on IVF embryos
  • New twin study about mental health and childhood trauma
  • How to close the “empathy gap” in medicine
  • New data on fentanyl deaths
  • Voters’ top healthcare concerns in 2024
  • ER visits up for kids taking parents’ sleep medications
  • Price of new drugs defy White House actions
  • Healthcare held hostage by ransomware attack
  • Generative AI’s latest medical advance
  • Consumers growing more comfortable with AI in medicine
  • How the Dobbs ruling affected abortion rates

* * *

Dr. Robert Pearl is the author of the new book “ChatGPT, MD: How AI-Empowered Patients & Doctors Can Take Back Control of American Medicine“  about the impact of AI on the future of medicine. All profits from the book go to Doctors Without Borders.

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