FHC #134: An unfiltered look at the challenges of lifestyle medicine

This “Unfiltered” episode of Fixing Healthcare features Dr. Jonathan Fisher, a respected cardiologist and advocate for physician well-being; Dr. Robert Pearl, healthcare leader and author of the new book “ChatGPT, MD”; and Jeremy Corr, CEO of Executive Podcast Solution, who adds the patient’s perspective.

Today, the trio dives deep into why lifestyle medicine improvements—such as diet, weight loss, mental health, and relaxation—are so challenging for people. Dr. Fisher discusses the psychological and motivational factors that create barriers to change, while Dr. Pearl explores how generative AI could assist in overcoming these hurdles. Jeremy Corr brings the patient’s viewpoint, emphasizing the real-world difficulties and potential solutions from a non-clinician’s perspective.

Join the panel as they explore the complexities of human behavior, the role of healthcare professionals in coaching patients, and the innovative technologies that could revolutionize how we approach health and well-being. This episode provides insightful strategies and compassionate advice for anyone looking to make lasting, positive change in their life.

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