MTT #84: The latest research on mammograms, hormone (HRT) medications

Today’s episode of Medicine: The Truth examines important updates in women’s health, focusing on mammograms and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), among other pressing news topics in medicine.

The U.S. Preventive Task Force has updated its mammogram guidelines, now recommending that screenings start at age 40 instead of 50 and occur every two years. This adjustment responds to data showing that breast cancer is occurring earlier, potentially due to changes in pregnancy timing and related hormonal impacts. By starting screenings a decade earlier, the Task Force projects a 19% reduction in breast cancer deaths in the U.S.

The hosts discussion then revisits the use of hormone replacement therapy. After concerns in the early 2000s about its link to increased cancer risks, new studies indicate HRT is safe for younger post-menopausal women under 60. These studies correct earlier misconceptions, showing no increase in heart risk or mortality and a lower risk of breast cancer with estrogen-only treatments. Dr. Pearl highlights the necessity of data-driven medical practices to prevent the overreactions of the past.

The episode advocates for informed healthcare decisions, particularly in how women are treated during menopause. Join us to explore these critical issues and more. Here’s a snapshot of all the topics covered on this episode of Medicine: The Truth.

  • Medical debt now affects more than 100 million Americans
  • Seniors have seen the biggest rise in mental health diagnoses
  • Why drug ODs are down for the time since the onset of Covid-19
  • New recommendations for mammogram screenings
  • New data on hormone medications for menopause
  • Hospitals now demanding patients pay in advance
  • The mystery of Beethoven’s deafness finally solved
  • 320,000 children lost a parent to a drug overdose from 2011-2021
  • A new program to attract more people to mental health counseling
  • The newest research on Alzheimer’s Disease treatments
  • Why half of rural hospitals are losing money
  • Status of the pig-kidney transplant recipient?
  • AI vs. clinician’s diagnostic accuracy in the emergency room
  • Does H5N1 have what it takes to become a viral pandemic?
  • Longevity vs. “healthy life expectancy”
  • The death of Walmart Health and what it means for other retailers

* * *

Dr. Robert Pearl is the author of the new book “ChatGPT, MD: How AI-Empowered Patients & Doctors Can Take Back Control of American Medicine“  about the impact of AI on the future of medicine. All profits from the book go to Doctors Without Borders.

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