FHC #138: Examining unhealthy relationships with parents, celebs & AI  

This “Unfiltered” episode of Fixing Healthcare features Dr. Jonathan Fisher, a respected cardiologist and advocate for physician well-being; Dr. Robert Pearl, healthcare leader and author of the new book “ChatGPT, MD”; and Jeremy Corr, CEO of Executive Podcast Solution, who adds the patient’s perspective.

The trio explores the evolving roles of parents in modern families and their profound impact on health. Dr. Fisher shares insights on how traditional and contemporary parenting roles affect cardiovascular health and emotional well-being. Dr. Pearl delves into the long-term effects of secure and insecure attachments formed in childhood, while Jeremy Corr brings a relatable perspective from the patient’s viewpoint.

Topics include:

  • The significance of secure attachment in preventing chronic stress and heart disease
  • The challenges faced by single parents and the importance of a supportive community
  • How celebrities and influencers affect our emotions and health through parasocial relationships
  • The impact of digital devices on parenting and children’s mental health

To discover more, press play and check out these helpful links:

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