#18: Where to go for nonpartisan COVID-19 info?

Fans of Coronavirus: The Truth have lauded the show’s unbiased, fact-based approach to delivering COVID-19 news and information.

But finding unbiased, fact-based info isn’t easy amid today’s politically charged news environment. Says co-host Jeremy Corr, “I keep getting more and more disheartened about how politicized the pandemic has been.” In this episode, Corr and co-host Dr. Robert Pearl offer their thoughts on where to find facts that aren’t skewed by partisan media or pundits looking to score political points.

In addition, Pearl and Corr provide answers and analysis for the following questions:

[00:50] Update: What should listeners know about the week that was?

[04:22] Where are we with the next Congressional economic package?

[07:04] Presumed democratic nominee Joe Biden released his healthcare proposal: What was in it and how might it impact the post-coronavirus era?

[10:50] What is happening with the economy? Is there a day of reckoning on its way?

[12:04] Many people are disheartened by how politicized the pandemic has become. Where can people go for advice and facts that aren’t skewed by politics?

[14:50] What’s going on with Major League Baseball and other sports leagues? 

[16:41] What can go wrong with a COVID-19 vaccine fail?

[21:20] Local school districts are scrambling. What’s going on with schools now? What’s the right strategy for those moving forward with in-class instruction?

[25:39] Campus safety policies vs. college-student behaviors: Which will win out this fall as students return to campuses?

[28:58] Hypothetical: If all of the restrictions were suddenly lifted and you could return to all of the activities of the past knowing that the virus was still circulating, what would do and what would you continue to avoid?

[30:09] Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe, joined the Fixing Healthcare podcast this week. What did she have to say about genetics and COVID-19?

[31:18] The airline and travel industry continue to be hit hard. What is the latest thinking on their future?

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