#26: Listeners had lots of questions about the ‘conspiracy theory’ episode

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, co-hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr dedicated Episode #25 to addressing the most prevalent conspiracy theories about Covid-19. The show dove deep into the most frequently cited rumors and false assertions from all across the internet. Lots of listeners wrote in with comments and questions of their own.

Today, in response to one of the most popular episodes of Coronavirus: The Truth ever, Jeremy and Robert dedicated most of this episode to addressing to the wave of listener feedback and questions.

Here’s what was discussed [and when] on this episode:

[00:49] What was the biggest news concerning the coronavirus this week and what does it mean?

[03:06] The data on Covid-19 deaths is distressing. Is there any sign of hope in sight?

[08:38] Some in the scientific community say the latest vaccine news raises red flags. What’s causing them concern?

[19:25] Many people wrote in about episode #25 on Covid-19 conspiracy theories. One listener asked: “How do you explain the situation in Sweden? They took a relatively minimalist approach to intervention in relation to COVID-19 and they seem to be having better outcomes than almost any other European countries. Why?”

[23:38] Listener question: “Elon Musk received four tests for Covid-19 on the same day, with the same procedure, same nurse, same equipment, same lab. Two came back positive, two came back negative. How are we supposed to trust testing?”

[28:37] One healthcare professional pushed back on Dr. Robert Pearl’s comment that healthcare organizations were not coding extra COVID-19 cases for financial reasons. Said the listener: “People in the medical field everywhere roll their eyes at the claim that hospitals aren’t falsely claiming Covid for the money. This happens all the time in healthcare, not just for Covid-19, but for everything.” What does Dr. Pearl have to say?

[33:04] Another listener question focused on the relatively high survivability rate of Covid-19. In short, has the nation overreacted to a disease that’s not nearly as lethal as some other viruses?

[40:00] Final listener question: If Dr. Pearl were the chair of the Coronavirus Taskforce, what would he want the government response to be?

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